Ayora Asociados


Ayora Asociados Detectives Privados is a private investigation company based in Valencia that helps companies, insurers, institutions or mutual insurance companies to quickly resolve suspected situations of fraud in the workplace.

In addition, we produce court-admissible evidence reports.

  • Pre-employment information
    Aimed at providing more extensive information on the candidate to be hired by the employer.
  • Work Absenteeism
    Investigations aimed at verifying the reason for an employee’s failure to attend their place of work.
  • Alleged feigned sick leave. Take steps to check the veracity of leave by the worker.
  • Preventive personnel checks, in order to avoid breaches of professional, trade and industrial secrets.
    These involve following the worker or making inquiries in order to verify the quality of the service offered by the worker to the employer’s customers, or to verify that the employee is not in breach of confidentiality of the employer’s information.
  • Unfair competition – duplication of employment.
    This investigation is aimed at finding out a possible employment relationship between the employee and our client’s competition, or another employment elsewhere which is not compatible with their own.
  • Tracing of unpaid debts