Ayora Asociados

Insurance companies

Award for best investigator in the XVIII Sectoral Insurance Fraud Detection Competition 2011.

Ayora Asociados Detectives Privados is a private investigation firm based in Valencia made up of private detectives that offer investigation and report preparation services with evidentiary judicial validity for Insurance Companies.

  • Monitoring of Injured persons

We carry out surveillance and observation of persons to be investigated, obtaining all types of documentary or videographic evidence demonstrating the            true condition of the injured person.

  • Tracing of injured persons
    We investigate to obtain the complete and updated details of the alleged injured person.
  • Claims clarification
    We take steps and make inquiries aimed at verifying the truth of the claim. We make written statements to those involved or witnesses of the accident about their version of what happened. We interview other people who may have knowledge of the facts, as well as take measurements at the scene. All this is done with the aim of obtaining evidence in our favour.
  • Traffic
  • Other
  • Valuation reports
    To be used against the damaged party